Up to 19 SEER, iQ, Inverter-Driven, Split System Heat Pump

15+ SEER R-410A Ultra High Efficiency

80% AFUE Two Stage, Variable Speed, High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Maytag High-Efficiency Media Air Cleaner

  • Easy to Maintain: With this filter, you will only need to change it once a year (in standard applications).
  • Indoor Air Quality Up: This air cleaner can be a very healthy addition to your indoor air quality system.
  • Quiet: Silent operation.

The Maytag high-efficiency Media Air Cleaner removes particles down to 0.3 micron that is a 1/84,000 of an inch! Clean air in your home is important for the health of your family. This particular model is specifically designed to work with split system air conditioners and heat pumps not for use in packaged heating and cooling equipment.

PHPCO Ultra Violet Dual Voltage Air Purifier

Ultra Violet Germicidal Air Purifier