AC Evaporator Coil Services in Thibodaux

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An evaporator coil is essential since its job is to create that cool air you depend on so much in the sweltering heat. As the temperature rises outside, it’s easy for those energy bills to do the same thing if your evaporator coil is not up to snuff. These components are susceptible to wear and tear and can even become caked in grime and dust, which prevents them from working properly. At Tiger Temperature, we are your trusted Thibodaux, LA evaporator coil service company. Whether it’s coil cleaning or a complete replacement, our technicians can get your home cool again in no time!

While evaporator coils are common culprits behind malfunctioning air conditioners, they’re not the only ones. Be sure to ask about our thorough AC repair service and ensure your home is summer-ready!

What Does the Evaporator Coil Do?

The evaporator coil is one of the most important components of your air conditioning since it’s where the actual cooling process takes place. Air conditioners require gaseous coolant or refrigerant to be compressed to be able to produce and circulate cool air.

The evaporator coil, typically made of steel, aluminum, or copper, is where that compression takes place, and where the heat and condensation from the air are absorbed. If the coil is damaged, frozen, or leaking, it will be unable to complete this process, leaving you with no cool air.

Common Signs Your Coils Need Repair

The evaporator coil is often hidden inside the air conditioner, which makes it difficult to inspect or troubleshoot. With that being said, there are a few red flags that indicate your evaporator coil is in need of repair. These signs include:

  • The temperature of the house not cooling when the AC is adjusted
  • Loud noise emanating from the AC when in use
  • Increased energy bills
  • Warm air coming from the vents
  • The buildup of ice or frost
  • The AC will not turn on
  • A large amount of liquid leaking from the AC unit

Essentially, if your air conditioner is not blowing cold air, chances are the evaporator coil is to blame. During a repair service, our Thibodaux evaporator coil experts will inspect your system, locate any damage or leak, and repair it. Like any system, however, in some cases, a full replacement will be needed depending on the condition of the coil and the severity of the damage.

The Benefits of Cleaning

When it comes to evaporator coil malfunction, one of the most common culprits is a dirty coil. Because the coil is towards the bottom of your system, as the unit sucks in air, a majority of the dirt, dust, and grime that isn’t caught by the filter ends up on the coil. Even a very small amount of dust accumulated on the evaporator coil can hinder its efficiency. The dust insulates the coils, trapping the heat and preventing the cool air from being circulated.

This can in turn cause the coolant to malfunction. Since the heat is trapped in the coil, the proper reaction with the refrigerant is not taking place. As a result, the coolant can become frozen or trapped in ice. Eventually, if not properly cleaned and repaired, this can cause the entire system to fail. Having evaporator coils professionally cleaned is extremely advantageous to homeowners.

Another great way to prevent buildup on your evaporator coil is routine filter replacement. At Tiger Temperature, we can help you with this routine maintenance, and keep your system blowing cold.

Why Hire Us?

For Tiger Temperature, AC evaporator coil services are one of our areas of expertise. Because of the amount of heat and humidity in the Thibodaux area, we know how quickly a simple coil issue can turn into a sweltering disaster. Whether you need your coil cleaned or a full evaporator coil replacement, you can count on our AC contractors for help!

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