Smart Thermostat Installation in Thibodaux

Thermostats are an important part of keeping your home running comfortably and efficiently. Upgrade your thermostat with help from Tiger Temperature.

Your thermostat is one of the most important components of your home’s heating and cooling system. Most often it is the only component that a home’s occupants will interact with and is the most recognizable device of an air conditioner. When thermostats go bad it can cause a host of issues that can affect the comfort and efficiency of your home. Installing a reliable thermostat is the first step in making your home energy efficient and user friendly. At Tiger Temperature, we can help with reliable thermostat installation and repair in Thibodaux.

If your thermostat is working perfectly, but your home is still struggling to keep cool, it may be time for an AC repair appointment with our expert cooling pros!

Signs Your Thermostat is Bad

Your thermostat is the part of your heater and air conditioner that tells it when to cycle on and off to maintain a constant temperature. So, if your problems have to do with an incorrect temperature or the unit isn’t cycling, then it is likely your thermostat is bad.

The first thing to verify is that your thermostat is getting power. Older thermostats may be powered by a battery that can go dead from time to time. Replacing the battery should restore the service of your HVAC. If your thermostat isn’t battery-powered then you may have a wiring issue.

If your thermostat is reading the incorrect temperature, there are two reasons. Older, mechanical thermostats have to be level to read correctly and they must be free of dust. Using lightly compressed air to remove the dust and verifying that the thermostat is level may fix the problem.

Benefits of Smart Thermostat Installation

New thermostats and new industry standards are making thermostats more reliable. Most new thermostats that are being installed are digital. This does away with most of the quirks that are caused by mechanical thermostats. Often, an HVAC tech will run power to a new thermostat so you don’t have to deal with batteries as well.

When most people decide to update their thermostat, they opt for a wifi-enabled, smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are wireless and can be programmed to fit your schedule. Most of them can even be controlled remotely by apps. The main benefit of these smart thermostat features is energy savings. By programming or controlling your thermostat remotely, you can reduce the amount of time that your heater and air conditioner are operating in an unoccupied home.

Some smart thermostats even learn your habits and automatically control the temperature of your home to fit your schedule. This adds up to major cost savings, more than enough to cover the cost of the thermostat installation in Thibodaux.

For homeowners looking to get more customization over the temperature in the home, a ductless mini split AC system may be the right choice. Be sure to ask how today!

Why Choose Us

At Tiger Temperature, we understand that cost and comfort are the two most important things to homeowners. As technology improves and everything becomes digital, we enjoy helping homeowners take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of these new, wireless devices. If you’re tired of constantly messing with the thermostat because your home isn’t comfortable or you would like to control your heating and cooling costs, give us a call today. We can install a new thermostat in a matter of minutes so you can start enjoying the savings immediately.

Are you spending too much money heating and cooling your house when no one is home? Call Tiger Temperature today at (985) 492-7295 for service in Thibodaux and start saving money with a smart thermostat.