Air Duct Repair & Installation in Thibodaux

Keep your air ducts in excellent condition with the repair and ductwork installation services from Tiger Temperature, your trusted AC contractor.

The HVAC system has a lot of moving parts that all play a very important role in keeping your home cool and comfortable. One such component is the ductwork, which generally runs above your ceilings and in attics, and is responsible for disturbing air throughout your home. Without it, you would have little to no airflow, which is why old ductwork on a system in need of repair can pose such an issue. At Tiger Temperature, we provide the city of Thibodaux, and the surrounding areas with air duct repair, ductwork replacement, duct installation, and duct sealing.

Is the ductwork in good condition but your AC is still struggling to cool your home? Consider an AC repair and inspection with our experienced technicians.

Top Signs Your Air Ducts Are Damaged

Because your ductwork runs above the ceiling and is generally out of sight, it can be a challenge to diagnose repair issues. However, there are plenty of signs you can look for that will give you a signal that a repair is needed. This includes:

  • Airflow Issues: Generally, the first thing you’ll notice if your ductwork is damaged is airflow issues. You may encounter hot and cold spots throughout your home, indicative of a leak, or it may take your home longer than usual to properly heat or cool.
  • Strange Odors: A common indicator of ductwork damage is an unusual, pervasive odor, indicating that the air is being affected by a chemical contaminant. This is a major red flag, as poor air quality can have a negative impact on your health.
  • Rising Energy Costs: Frustratingly, your energy bills will increase as more and more strain is put on the system. Why? Because the AC is working harder to cool areas where the ductwork is unable to reach due to a repair.
  • Noises: Air leaks in your ductwork can often lead to noises. Whether it’s humming, whistling, or anything else, it shouldn’t be ignored.

How Repairs are Done

Fortunately, bad ductwork can be repaired by a professional with a wide range of methods. For starters, ducts can be completely sealed, thus fixing and eliminating any leaks. This can prevent improper airflow, including a dangerous phenomenon commonly referred to as “back drafting.” When back drafting occurs, dangerous gases circulate inside the home instead of being released to the outside.

Another ductwork repair method in Thibodaux is the replacement of the damaged section. If the damage is large enough or entire sections of ductwork are damaged, our AC contractors can remove that section and replace it with a new one. If the damage is small, like a crack or pinhole leak, we can also seal it with specialized adhesives and repair kits.

Fortunately, with regular repairs, maintenance, and inspections, any leaks, errors in airflow or mechanical malfunctions can be promptly corrected before a potentially dangerous situation can arise.

Benefits of Duct Replacement

While homeowners should be fine with a simple repair, the older your home, or worse the damage, the more chances it would benefit from a full replacement. Duct replacement can completely revamp a home’s heating and cooling efficiency. It adds both comfort and value to your home. Old ductwork is often ill-fitting and under-performing. Like any other part of your home, ductwork has a lifespan of only so many years, before requiring replacement.

New ductwork uses less energy, runs more quietly, and circulates clean, temperature-regulated air more powerfully. Additionally, it’s a great option for homeowners that have recently completed a renovation or home addition since there may be no ductwork to reach that area. Of course, it’s always important to consult an expert to ensure all ductwork installation in Thibodaux is done correctly and up to code!

Looking for a cooling system but worried about your lack of space? Ductless mini split AC systems offer the same cooling power you crave without the need for bulky ductwork!

Why Hire Us?

Duct-related work can be tricky and complicated. Air ducts are usually behind walls, in attics, or in ceiling areas, and it often requires careful expertise combined with the right equipment in order to complete repairs, replacement, or new installation. Since ductwork is so important to your home’s energy efficiency, air circulation, and overall quality, it is not recommended to attempt to approach ductwork as a DIY undertaking.

With years of experience, a stellar reputation, cutting-edge technology, and knowledgeable technicians, Tiger Temperature is the clear choice for Thibodaux residents. The safety and comfort of our customers is a top priority.

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