Thibodaux Ductless Mini Split Services

Looking to streamline the efficiency of your home or retrofit an air conditioner into an old building? Tiger Temperature can help by installing and servicing ductless mini splits.

Even with newer technology and better installation practices, conventional air conditioning systems have inherent limitations. Conventional heaters and air conditioners work on entire spaces, regardless of the presence of occupants, making them inefficient. They require expensive and inefficient ductwork that runs up repair and utility bills. Conventional HVAC systems are bulky and not retrofit-friendly.

Luckily, there is a different style of air conditioner that is gaining popularity for its efficiency and flexibility for installation. It’s called a ductless mini split system, and it has become a popular choice throughout the Thibodaux area. A ductless heating and air system removes the expensive ductwork from the installation costs and they can be installed almost anywhere. Additionally, they are used to control individual rooms, so you never have to pay for heating or cooling rooms that aren’t in use.

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Benefits of Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

Ductless heating and air systems do away with most of the things that make conventional HVAC systems undesirable. One of the biggest benefits of switching to a ductless mini split is cost. Cost savings come in the form of lower energy bills and easy installation. Energy bills are lower because ductless heating and cooling are inherently more efficient than regular central heating and air systems.

Installation is easier because instead of having ducts running to each room, each room has a small blower unit. Generally, installation is as easy as installing the blower and running a small refrigerant line from an outside unit to each blower.

Another major benefit of ductless heating and cooling systems is comfort. Rooms that are heated or cooled can be immediately adjusted to suit the occupants’ comfort. Also, because the air in each room stays contained, their filters can work better to reduce dust inside the home.

How Are Ductless Mini Splits Installed?

Ductless mini splits are a popular choice for retrofitting AC into an older building or into newer buildings that weren’t designed with HVAC in mind, like garages and shops. This is primarily due to the ease of installation of ductless mini splits.

In a ductless system, each room has a blower unit. The blower units are tied to a central compressor unit that sits outside, similar to a conventional HVAC. Each blower needs a drain line, refrigerant line and electrical service run to it. These all usually pass through one hole that is hidden behind the unit.

Installing ductless systems is easier than ducted systems because running the three lines of service between the indoor and outdoor units is much easier than installing ductwork. A whole-home unit can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install a conventional system.

Signs You Need Ductless Mini Split Repair

Mini split system repairs are similar to repairs that would be needed on a regular central AC system. Despite their design, they operate off of similar principles.

Therefore, some of the problems that can happen with a ductless mini split are:

  • Bad blower motors
  • Loss of refrigerant
  • Dirty filters
  • Clogged drains lines that cause indoor leaks
  • Frozen outdoor coils

When your ductless system does require repairs, they are often much easier and cheaper because the problems can be isolated to one specific indoor unit. Repairs are usually needed less than a conventional AC unit because the indoor units are operated less as a whole.

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Why Choose Tiger Temperature

Tiger Temperature has been serving the people of Thibodaux for over 15 years. Our commitment to good service and honesty is what has kept our customers coming back for all those years. Whether you are looking to install a ductless mini split system or you would like to join our membership program to protect your equipment, our technicians are ready to help.

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