Heat Pump Services in Thibodaux

Tired of paying for the high cost of electric heating? Check out what a heat pump form Tiger Temperature has to offer.

Heating and cooling your home is one of the more significant costs to consider when planning your budget. Add to that the cost of repairs and maintenance and you realize how important it is to make good decisions about installing and maintaining HVAC equipment. Heat pumps have become more popular because they have made strides in efficiency and can lower operating costs. If your heater or air conditioner is nearing the end of its useful life, consider installing a heat pump from Tiger Temperature. Our heat pump systems have helped hundreds of Thibodaux homeowners get rid of their old fuel-burning systems and choose cleaner, safer heat pump technology.

Even high-efficiency systems still need upkeep and care. Be sure to ask about our membership plans and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems today!

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are an ingenious innovation. A normal central HVAC unit has a set of coils and a compressor to provide cooling and a burner or electric resistance coils to provide the heating. As a result, two distinct sets of technology are wrapped up in one machine.

A heat pump utilizes the same principles of an air conditioner to provide heat. In an air conditioner, heat is absorbed from the inside of the home into a chemical refrigerant and pumped to the outside to provide cooling. A heat pump reverses this process and absorbs heat from the outside and delivers it indoors.

The reason these devices are so ingenious is because the process works even if outdoor temperatures are perceived as cold. According to physics, even if the temperature outside is freezing, heat is still present. Heat pumps utilize this heat to concentrate it inside your home and provide efficient heating.

Common Heat Pump Repairs

Since heat pumps are essentially air conditioners that work in both directions, heat pump repairs are similar to air conditioner repairs. Compressors must be in good working order. Blower fans should be lubricated and push adequate amounts of air. Refrigerant levels should be topped off at the proper pressure.

One of the main benefits of heat pumps is that they require less repair and maintenance than AC and furnace combinations. The components of an air conditioner are designed to self-lubricate. When air conditioners are turned off for the season, they can sustain damage. With a heat pump, it stays running year-round so it actually keeps the machine healthier.

The Heat Pump Installation Process

Heat pump installation can be a fairly extensive process. The good news is, heat pumps are excellent for installation on new construction. Additionally, most heat pumps are designed with dimensions that allow them to replace conventional furnace and blower systems already present in a home. Therefore, it is likely that your home is already able to accommodate one.

During installation, one of the things that will save time and money is that no new gas lines will need to be plumbed to the furnace. A heat pump already comes with everything it needs to provide clean, reliable, and cheap heating in Thibodaux.

Looking for another heating and cooling alternative for your home? We also offer ductless mini split AC systems, which offer high-efficiency performance and customizable comfort.

Why Choose Tiger Temperature

Tiger Temperature prides itself on educating our customers and helping them make the best decisions for their situations. We put this honestly on display by offering upfront pricing and even free second opinions when you get estimates from other heat pump contractors. Come see why our hundreds of customers have kept coming back for over 15 years.

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